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50+ Year Warranty

About Our 50-Year, Transferable, Materials and Labor Warranty

We guarantee that all lined areas of drains will never backup again with normal use (wet wipes okay, toilet paper okay, but not diapers and other large physical objects such as hand towels, kids toys etc.).

The “materials” component of the warranty provides that the lining will not separate from the old pipe, it will not crack or deform in any way and that the lining is designed to support load-bearing environments such building footers and will prevent all root intrusion and does not require the old host pipe to have any structural integrity in order to support the weight of the soil above it. If needed, the newly lined pipe may also be cleaned through physical means such as hydro-jetting or “snaking”. The warranty is also transferable to new property owners for the duration of the warranty.

The “labor” component of the warranty can be verified upon completion of installation by recorded video inspection, which will verify that the lining starts and stops in the correct places and has no material defects that would impair functionality.

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Permanent Pipe Restoration