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Storm Drain Pipe Lining

Corrugated and Concrete Storm Drains Collapse And Leak

Corrugated storm drains eventually corrode and concrete storm drains crack and collapse over time. the end result is the same – sand infiltration, erosion and ultimate settlement or sinkhole formation. This endangers buildings, roads, homes and other structures. Of course, ordinary storm flow is interrupted which causes flooding.

Storm Drain Pipe Lining Using CIPP

Corrugated Storm Drain Relined By CIPP

This storm drain pipe lining technique installs a long fabric felt tube that has been saturated with resin. The lining is pulled into the pipe, inflated, and then cured using hot water or steam. The resulting new inner pipe is designed for load bearing applications such as storm drains located under roads or railways and is approved by the DOT.

Storm Drain Pipe Lining Using Thermo-Formed Pipe

Another common method used in storm drain pipe lining is the installation of a heated HDPE pipe that has been deformed into a u-shape and heated to make it flexible so that it will fit into the pipe. Next it is inflated until it matches the shape of the pipe and then it is cooled which hardens the pipe in place.

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