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Slip Lining Pipe Rehabilitation

On some occasions the least expensive way to rehabilitate deteriorated pipelines is by “slip lining”. This method involves simply pulling a new smaller diameter pipe through the old host pipe. So flow capacity is reduced, but often the original pipes were over-sized at initial installation.

The new slip lining pipe is usually high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is resistant to heat, chemicals and all oxidation. Although slip lining does not require the old host pipe to have significant structural integrity, it does require a smooth and round host pipe for the slip lining process.

In order to evaluate whether a pipe can be slip lined, a pipe laser profiling may have to be performed. This process uses a laser to shine a ring of light throughout the entire length of old host pipe, which is visually video recorded by pipe inspection camera, and then analysed by software for pipe imperfections like ovality.

The other limitation of slip lining is that all pipe connections will be covered up, which have to be manually dug up and re-plumbed to the new slip lining pipe.

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