Trenchless Pipe Lining


17 Years Worth Of References
(updated 1/16/2021)

Margate: Michael 954-214-7601: installed lining in main line, lateral, and all branch lines
Cape Coral: Dan 239-542-1474: installed lining in main line and all branches
Hollywood: Robert 954-440-8516: installed 10’ section of lining
Fort Lauderdale: Keith 954-684-2172: installed 30’ section under slab
Hollywood: Carol 954-857-6894: installed lining in main line and all branches
Miami: Mike 786-350-0223: installed up to 25’ in guest house bathroom line
Fort Lauderdale: Patty 305-213-4811: installed lining in main line and all branches
Fort Lauderdale: Steve 954-594-1589: installed 22’ from kitchen to bathroom and 3’ bathroom branch
Miami: BIll/Charlotte 925-286-8082: installed lining in main line and all branches
Pembroke Pines: Kayleen 786-972-0252: installed lining in main line and all branches
Fort Lauderdale: Michael 262-758-8966: installed up to 25’ of lining
Miami: Nidida 305-219-9879: installed lining in main line and all connected branch lines
Plantation: Philip 954-868-1794: installed 30’ main line, 45’ laundry line, and 11’ kitchen line
Coral Gables: David 305-502-4274: installed lining in main line and branch lines
Bradenton: Nelvin 217-883-0950: installed 30’ main line and 6’ master bathroom line
Coral Gables: Gutman 305-773-0925: installed pipelining in whole house
Miami: Brian 305-498-8606: installed 26’ master bathroom line and 6’ guest bathroom line
Wilton Manors: Dan 954-270-3071: installed main line and all branches
Lighthouse Point: Venetian Park Gardens, Danilo 954-562-3635: installed main line and four lateral lines
Fort Lauderdale: Ryan 954-260-1435: installed 20’ main line
Boca Raton: Neil 724-674-0924: installed 56’ main line, 3’ kitchen line, and 16’ master bathroom line
Plantation: Vicki 954-797-4134: installed 63’ main line, 5’ guest bathroom line, and 13’ kitchen line
Pembroke Pines: Castor 954-593-8258: installed 18’ kitchen line and 2’ after pvc
Fort Lauderdale: Morgan Company, Scott 954-637-2023: installed 19’ lateral line and 40’ main line
Palmetto Bay: Carlos 305-519-3801: installed 28’ main line and 12’ kitchen line
Sunrise: John 954-907-0788: installed 28’ main line, 28’ master bathroom line, 15’ guest bathroom line, and 6’ kitchen line
Lauderhill: Ellis 954-579-5308: installed 21’ laundry line, 9’ kitchen line, and 19’ main line
Homestead: Willie 786-531-9407: installed 44’ main line and 13’ kitchen line
Margate: German 954-778-1589: installed 23’ main line, 4’ kitchen line, and 35’ of laundry line
Pembroke Pines: Debbie 954-445-0087: installed 60’ main line and 36’ kitchen line
Fort Lauderdale: Chad 646-923-3144: installed 51’ guest bathroom line, 5’ laundry line, and 5’ kitchen line
Biscayne Park: MIlligan 786-457-6472: 37’ main line, 34’ master bathroom line, 30’ guest bathroom line, and 1’ guest bathroom line
Port Charlotte: Richard 571-765-0917: installed 30’ main line, and 7’ guest bathroom line
Fort Lauderdale: Joseph 954-594-2121: installed 28’ main line, 34’ kitchen line, and 15’ laundry line
Dania Beach: Ronola Condominium Apartments ( Isabelle: 954-662-6117): installed
Plantation: Elizabeth 954-445-8643: installed 20’ main line, 34’ guest bathroom line, and 3’ kitchen line
Fort Myers Beach: Bella Mozzarella Restaurant ( Carlos: 239-896-7134): installed 26’ main line
Pembroke Pines: Grace 954-648-4328: installed pipelining in whole house
Plantation: Lawrence 714-878-4757: installed 82’ main line and branches
Lake Worth: Janice 561-827-7024: installed 26’ main line, 24’ kitchen line, and 20’ master bathroom line
Hialeah: Rosa 305-331-6581: installed 86’ main line, 33’ kitchen line, and 39’ guest bathroom line
Fort Lauderdale: Kerry 954-947-9948: installed 40’ main line, 40’ master bathroom line, and 8’ guest bathroom line
Miami: Dap 786-879-3900: installed 19’ main line, 8’ laundry line, and 31’ guest bathroom line
Pompano Beach: Bob 954-491-4557: installed 33’ kitchen line
Wilton Manors: Frank 617-233-7111: installed 30’ main line, 3’ master bathroom line, and 23’ laundry line
Fort Lauderdale: Jim 502-797-4652: installed 16’ main line and 16’ laundry line
Fort Lauderdale: Elizabeth 954-248-7371: installed 40’ main line, 12’ guest bathroom line, and 12’ laundry line
Fort Lauderdale: Shiva 954-803-9782: installed 22’ main line, 25’ kitchen line, excavation and backfilling
Fort Lauderdale: Jim 954-995-3589: installed 22’ main line, 8’ kitchen line, 23’ guest bathroom line, and 9’ master bathroom line
Pompano Beach: David 615-406-4236: installed 5’ main line, 30’ master bathroom line, and 9’ laundry line
Dania Beach: Brian 508-542-3222: installed 78’ from master bathroom line to cleanout
North Miami Beach: Milton 786-375-1258: installed 8’ bathroom line
Hialeah: Loretta 786-382-8745: installed 35’ main line. 14’ guest bathroom line, and 46’ master bathroom line
Palmetto Bay: Christina 305-773-0679: installed 33’ main line, 36’ kitchen, 25’ master bathroom line, and 36’ guest bathroom line
Homestead: Pedro 305-283-5468: installed 52’ main line, 15’ laundry line, and 8’ guest bathroom line
Fort Lauderdale: Tom 954-224-2292: installed 15’ main line and 54’ guest bathroom line
Miami Beach: Kevin 305-984-0673: installed 76’ main line, 12’ kitchen line, 25’ master bathroom line, 11’ laundry line, 8’ guest bathroom line, and 15’ guest bathroom line
Fort Lauderdale: Matthew 914-912-8858: installed 62’ main line, 15’ kitchen line, 22’ laundry line, and 15’ guest bathroom line
Nokomis: Micheal 321-279-9641: installed 46’ main line
Fort Lauderdale: Carol 954-401-3775: installed 25’ main line and 33’ laundry line
Key Biscayne: Nicholas 786-553-5945: installed 34’ main line and 66’ guest bathroom branch line
Pembroke Pines: Lindy 954-850-4862: installed 16’ main line, 11’ kitchen line, 3’ master bathroom line, and 35’ guest bathroom line
Miami: Beverly 305-775-8819: installed 66’ main line
Miami: Fara/Sarai 786-271-3000: installed 38’ main line and 6’ master bathroom line
Fort Lauderdale: Jonathan 954-591-0341: installed 22’ main line, 15’ laundry line, and 12’ kitchen line
Fort Lauderdale: Andrew 954-798-7810: installed 60’ main line and 15’ bathroom branch line
Anna Maria: John 941-713-3284: installed 30-40’ main line
Kendall: Doug 786-709-6996: installed 38’ main line and 10’ bathroom line
Citadel historic monument, Key West: Tim 305-296-1000: installed 30’ rain drain
Key West: Julia 816-260-1436: installed pipe lining in entire house
Miami: Chris 305-929-3308: installed 22’ main line, 46’ kitchen line, and 10’ bathroom line
Lighthouse Point: Charles 954-290-8920: installed 52’ main line, 52’ bathroom line, 25’ kitchen line, 20’ laundry line, 28’ bathroom line, 25’ bathroom line
Miami: Elliot 305-498-5395: installed 50’ main line, 12’ kitchen line, and 10’ bathroom line
Miami: Daniel 786-367-0863: installed 34’ main line, 47’ laundry, and 5’ kitchen
Margate: Mike 954-214-7601: installed 50’ main line
Oakland Park: William/Mary 954-229-0292: installed 4’ epoxy lining
Margate: Ricardo 772-985-3010: installed 25’ bathroom line and 40’ lateral
Fort Lauderdale: Bob 310-621-5520: installed 65’ main line. 15’ kitchen line, and 12’ bathroom line
Kendall: Alex 786-385-2996: installed 7’ bathroom line
Miami: Christopher 954-990-9571: installed 31’ main line and 40’ laundry line
Miami Lakes: Enrique 305-431-7449: installed 44’ main line
Coral Gables: Sarah/Meliano 305-801-8965: installed 64’ main line, 19’ bathroom line, 10’ laundry line, and 30’ lateral line
Plantation: Mary 954-328-8151: installed 65’ main line, 12’ bathroom line, 12’ kitchen line, 12’ bathroom line, and 10’ laundry
Fort Lauderdale: Sean 828-719-1619: installed 53’ main line
Hollywood: Bill 954-665-9605, installed 25’ kitchen line
Palmetto Bay: Keith 305-205-0864: installed 24’ main line, 38’ kitchen line, and 12’ bathroom line
Orlando: James 407-422-1950: installed 55’ main line and all other branches
Hollywood: Lenny 954-448-1144: installed 35’ main line
Miami: Jordan 561-716-1411: installed 48’ main line, 12’ kitchen line, and 12’ laundry line
Lighthouse Point: Bill 954-592-6676: installed 28’ main line
Cape Coral: Eileen/Jim 410-241-5561: installed 56’ main, 15’ kitchen line, an 35’ laundry line
Miami Gardens: Shelly 786-457-4076: installed 25’ main line and 25’ laundry line
Fort Lauderdale: James 954-608-9307: installed 39’ main line and 10’ kitchen line
Fort Lauderdale: Jim 954-557-0233: installed 72’ main line, 2 x 15’ guest, 10’ kitchen line, and 8’ bathroom line
Fort Lauderdale: Gary 954-792-8424: installed 30’ main line, 42’ bathroom line, and 18’ laundry line
Orlando: Vicki 407-676-8689: installed main and all branches, about 78’
Duck Key: Jeff 407-558-8001: installed 80-120’ main line and all branches
Pompano Beach: Kellen 732-547-7980: installed 26’ main line, 28’ kitchen line, 36’ bathroom line, and 33’ lateral
Hollywood: Robert 954-961-9739: installed 130’ of main line
Dania Beach: Dana 540-303-4558: installed 20’ main line, 14’ bathroom, and 13’ laundry
Miami: Giovanny 305-528-1162: installed 25’ main line, 27’ laundry line, and 30’ lateral
Fort Myers: Arthur 239-633-9991: installed 46’ main line
Lauderhill: Yani 786-431-7704: installed 58’ lateral, 50’ main line, 28’ bathroom, and 28’ branch
North Miami Beach: Milton and Judy 305-733-7131: installed 8’ bathroom, 10’ bathroom, 10’ kitchen line, 8’ laundry line, and 65’ main line
Pompano Beach: Michelle 954-494-8880: installed 8’ kitchen line and 20’ main line
Fort Lauderdale: Joanna 954-868-9803: installed 29’ main line, 5’ laundry line, and 56’ kitchen line
Plantation: Melissa 954-253-5077: installed 48’ main line, 42’ bathroom line, 12’ bathroom line, and 11’ kitchen line
Miami: Rick 305-613-8845: installed 27’ main line and 33’ kitchen line
Palmetto Bay: Caleb 305-300-9220: installed 55’ main line, 10’ kitchen line, 10’ bathroom line, and 5’ bathroom line
Dania Beach: Frank 954-873-1463: installed 3’ of laundry line
Miami: Steven 305-520-9743: installed 13’ kitchen line, 58’ bathroom branch, 42’ main line, and 4’ stack
Miami: Ossie 305-283-0862: installed 40’ lateral
Fort Myers: Cassandra 239-478-6086: installed 24’ main, 38’ kitchen, and 16’ laundry
Miami: Tiffany 305-502-9453: installed 25’ main line, 48’ kitchen, 10’ bathroom line
Plantation: Mary 954-328-8151: installed 25’ lateral
Pompano Beach: Bill 954-520-6554: installed 48’ main, 54’ kitchen, and 25’ laundry
Port Charlotte: Steve 941-628-9572: installed 30’ of main line
Miami: Jorge 786-216-3680: installed 55’ main line, 10’ kitchen line, 24’ bathroom line, and 20’ bathroom line
Coconut Grove: Javier 305-450-9219: installed 30’ main line
Cutler Bay: Victor 305-992-1487: installed 15’ main line, 16’ bathroom line, and 5’ bathroom line
Miami: Robert 305-909-3591: installed 51’ main line, 22’ branch
North Palm Beach: Colby 561-254-0807: installed 41’ main line, 40’ kitchen line, and 16’ laundry line
Hollywood: Mike 860-942-3384: installed 72’ main line
Miami: Eines 786-269-5489: installed 52’ branch, 30’ kitchen line, and 15 bathroom line
Miami Beach: Eddie 305-812-4618: installed 70’ main rain drain and 25’ branch rain rain
Oakland Park: Jimmy 561-577-0172: installed 24’ main line, 25’ kitchen line, and 15’ laundry line
Miami: Ernesto 415-342-3160: installed 34’ main line and 15’ bathroom line
Port Charlotte: Deborah 239-293-7333: installed 28’ main line and 10’ bathroom line
Tampa: Jay 813-476-4285: installed 40’ main line, 53’ laundry line, and 12’ bathroom line
West Palm Beach: Janice 561-324-4610: installed 28’ main line, 10’ kitchen line, and 10’ laundry line
Cape Coral: Carol 239-281-5648: installed 15’ main line, 25’ bathroom, and 25’ guest bathroom
Hollywood: Hansel 954-275-6027: installed 58’ main line, 15’ kitchen line, and 12’ bathroom line
Miami: Mike 305-632-5276: installed 65’ kitchen line and 23’ bathroom line
Fort Myers: Peter 520-440-5304: installed 24’ main line and 8’ bathroom line
Naples: Clayton 239-462-7713: installed 25’ main line
Fort Lauderdale: Mandi 954-299-0090: installed 65’ lateral
Pembroke Pines: Susanne 954-540-1720: installed 34’ main line and 15’ kitchen line
Pine Crest: Denise 305-484-6683: installed 25’ main line, 25’ kitchen line, and 30’ bathroom line
Cutler Bay: Deborah 305-495-2300: installed 69’ main line, 20’ bathroom line, 39’ bathroom line, 10’ kitchen line, and 20’ laundry line
Palmetto Bay: Larry 305-975-4002: installed 25’ main line, 20’ kitchen line, and 35’ laundry line
Miami: George 305-773-6126: installed 30’ main line, 13’ bathroom line, 12’ laundry line, 36’ kitchen line
North Miami: Anita 305-978-8677: installed 45’ lateral
Boca Raton: Jay 917-584-7463: installed 55’ main line, 22’ bathroom line, 15’ kitchen line
Pompano Beach: Alyce 954-562-4031: installed 44’ main line
Miami: Clay 305-213-3884: installed 18’ main line, 41’ laundry line, and 12’ bathroom line
Cooper City: Aaron 954-655-9612: installed 36’ main line and 15’ bathroom
Fort Lauderdale: Dan 786-222-7700: installed 38’ main line
Miami Gardens: Judy/Winnie 305-624-0479: installed 35’ main line, 10’ kitchen line, 10’ bathroom line, 35’ lateral
Pompano Beach: Dan 954-980-7470: installed 18’ main line, 57’ bathroom line, 44’ kitchen line, 40’ lateral
Venice: Kenneth/Barbara 717-418-5960: installed 21’ main line, 51’ laundry line, 46’ lateral
Venice: Janice (call only) 941-493-2916: installed 23’ main line and 52’ laundry line
Oakland Park: Kelly 954-684-5213: installed 27’ main line, 6’ bathroom line, and 14’ laundry line
Pinecrest: George 786-423-6057: installed 55’ main line
Pompano Beach: Joshua 954-644-2141: main and all branches, about 75’
Fort Lauderdale: Christian 954-644-9489: installed 36’ main line, 38’ bathroom line, 12’ kitchen line, and 13’ bathroom line
West Palm Beach: Micheal 561-598-0076: installed 37’ main line and 15ft laundry line
Miami Beach: Gabriella 240-383-9932: installed 55’ bathroom line
Miami Gardens: Steve 954-593-3509: installed 21’ main line and 21’ laundry line
St Margate: Clifford 954-963-7378: installed 3’ epoxy lining in bathroom
Palmetto Bay: Blanca 786-382-6456: installed 15’ main line and 46’ bathroom line
Plantation: Anum 773-803-5061: installed 100’ main line and all branches
Margate: Vic 754-224-6666: installed 28’ main line, 10’ bathroom, 16’ bathroom and 25’ laundry
Miami: David 321-301-5737: installed 41’ lateral
Ft. Lauderdale: Tony 954-818-0639: installed 30’ commercial main line
Pompano Beach: Deanna 954-600-1231: installed 40’ main line
Palmetto Bay: Joe 561-716-5571: installed 29’ bathroom, 15’ bathroom, and 38’ laundry/kitchen branch lines
Hollywood: James 954-249-8026: installed 27’ main line, 11’ bathroom, 29’ laundry, and 4’ kitchen branch
Lighthouse Point: Ryan 561-988-6961: installed 100’ branch line
Fort Lauderdale: Sina 954-326-3790: installed 50’ main line and 34’ bathroom branch
West Palm Beach: Jeff 561-687-1188: installed 300ft lateral
Fort Lauderdale: John 972-998-3359: installed 30’ main line and 32’ bathroom branch
Miami: Juan 786-295-7345: installed 26’ main line and 42’ laundry line
Hollywood: Veverly 305-527-9300: installed 52’ main line, 13’ bathroom, 18’ kitchen, and 8’ laundry branch
Miami: Katie 305-215-4272: installed 34’ main line
Fort Lauderdale: Asad 754-281-0455: installed about 60’ lining throughout the master bathroom, guest bathroom, laundry, and kitchen
Fort Lauderdale: Kevin 305-790-8813: installed 38’ bathroom branch
Fort Lauderdale: Kathy 508-237-4686: installed 37’ main line
Naples: John 239-206-6751: installed 60’ main line
Pembroke Pines: Ronnie 305-323-3405: installed 44’ main line and about 10’ kitchen line
Oakland Park: Sally 408-313-9200: installed 40’ main line
South Miami: Fanny 305-322-9562: installed 31’ main line, 5’ laundry branch, and 37’ bathroom branch
Miami Beach: Gabriella 240-383-9932: installed 50’ main line and 15’ bathroom
Tampa: Erin 813-751-6831: installed 27’ laundry line and 25’ main line
Miami: Daniel 305-585-1153: installed 21’ main line, 39’ laundry line, and 20’ kitchen line
Port Charlotte: Samantha 630-746-0161: installed 6’ main line, 18’ laundry line, and 15’ kitchen line
Coral Gables: George 305-401-4369: installed 27’ main line, 21’ laundry/ bathroom line, and 69’ bathroom line
Pembroke Pines: Jeff 954-249-6661: installed 23’ main line and 33’ laundry line
Pinecrest: Maria 305-613-1458: installed 40’ main line, 60’ master bathroom, and 15’ guest bathroom
Plantation: Michael 954-319-6996: installed 56’ main line and 49’ kitchen line
Pompano Beach: Jennifer 954-914-1285: installed 30’ main line, 16’ guest bathroom, 5’kitchen line, 14’ laundry line, and 21’ master bathroom line

 Pembroke Pines: Steve 772-812-9599: installed 37’ main line and 36’ laundry line 

Coral Gables: Belkis 305-753-3269: installed 38’ main line, 25’ guest bathroom, 15’ master bathroom, and 23’ kitchen line. Second house we installed 25’ guest bathroom and 57’ lateral
Pompano Beach: Danielle 954-627-4343: installed 26’ kitchen line
Sunrise: Rona 954-980-1080: installed 48’ main line and master bathroom, 9’ guest bathroom, and 10’ laundry line
Fort Lauderdale: Steve 954-895-1398: installed 47’ main line, 3’ kitchen, 9’ master bathroom, and 3’ guest bathroom
Palmetto Bay: Jorge 305-968-2583: installed 25’ main line, 41’ kitchen line, and 13’ master bathroom
Miami: Rosario 305-226-4385: installed 14’ main line, 10’ bathroom line, and 32’ laundry/kitchen lines
Sanford: Donnie 407-474-0960: installed 119’ of main line
Cooper city: Zaida 954-290-9213: installed 51’ of main drain under slab, 12’ kitchen branch drain line under slab
Pompano Beach: Carol 905-449-9060: installed 28′ main line and 32′ bathroom branch line as well as crumbled vertical cast iron stack replacement from roof down to horizontal section of re-installed pipe underground (excludes roof sealing around new stack that requires a licensed roofing contractor)
North Miami Beach: Walter 305-310-1530: up to 25’ of lateral to property easement
Miami: Omar 305-987-6086: installed a 39’ section and a 28’ section of cast iron drains under slab
Plantation: Dale 954-629-2093: installed 53’ of main line from problematic toilet to cleanout
Palmetto Bay: Sonja Jensen 786-381-1337: installed 30’ main line to back bathroom
Fort Lauderdale: Marcus Unterweger 954 600 3230: installed 43’ main line to rear bathroom
Fort Lauderdale: Sheila 954-881-4363: installed 24’ of main line going to kitchen and 14’ total for 2 bathroom branch lines
Cooper City: Paul 954-684-7277: installed 32′ of bathroom branch line
Oakland Park: Brian 954-554-3181: installed 47’ from kitchen to clean out
Lehigh Acres: Richard 450-280-0004: installed 38’ of bathroom branch lines
Venice: Rich 239-564-7154: installed 51′ from laundry to cleanout
Miramar: George Croute 954-559-0077: installed 28′ from cleanout to kitchen
Miami: Barbera 3053331184: 40′ of laundry (and kitchen) branch line; 10′ of guest toilet branch line, 16′ of main line to cleanout
Fort Lauderdale: Mike 717-554-9631/Tyler 7177735307 installed 25′ of main line
North Miami Beach: Walter 305-310-1530: replaced bad kitchen wye with spring stuck in it, plus replaced nearby toilet wye with missing floor
Miami: Chanelle / Will Fleitas 786-218-2555: installed 36’ of main line under slab to kitchen and 24’ of lining to city connection
Sarasota: Max 954-774-1850: installed up to 25′, Victor (boss) 954-707-1886
Miami Springs: Gloria 786-370-6373: installed 33’ total from 2 bathrooms to cleanout
Hollywood: Howard 954-989-7192: installed 102′ of main line
Tampa: Jennifer 813-363-0107: installed 28′ main line and 20′ toilet branch line
Bill 954-907-0287: installed 47’ of main line
Plantation: Dave 954-682-9791: installed 35’ of cast iron drain from master bathroom to main line, 25’ from kitchen to main line
Boca Raton: Ben 561-843-7265: installed 25′ of kitchen branch line
Miami: Lourdes 786-547-0130: installed 34′ of kitchen branch line, 29′ main line
Davie: Martin 954-873-6214: installed 46’ of main line, 11’ of toilet branch line
Pompano Beach: John 954-401-9150: installed 46’ of cast iron drain serving laundry, kitchen and 2 bathrooms
Pembroke Pines: Josh Caballero 954-651-0232: installed 67′ of cast iron drain under slab
Miami: Ana 786-525-6737: installed 66’ of main drain under slab
Hollywood: Lewis 954-336-1112: 53’ of main line, 11’ of laundry line, 18’ of kitchen branch line, 10’ of bathroom branch line
Boca Raton: Laurie 415-250-7544: installed 49’ of cured in place pipe lining from problematic guest bathroom to outside cleanout
Cape Coral: Michael 609-381-2706: installed 58’ of main line, 10’ laundry branch line, 8’ bathroom branch line, 10’ of kitchen branch line
Miami: Richard 305-796-7790: installed main line 37’, laundry line 29’, kitchen line 20’
Pembroke Pines: Sean 786-208-8237: installed 33′ main and 37′ branch
Sunrise: Allen 954-336-1533: installed kitchen line 10’, laundry line 18’, bathroom line 3’, second bathroom line 27’, main line 17’
Pembroke Pines: CJ 954-309-7512: installed 41’ of main line from bathroom to cleanout, 18’ of laundry and kitchen branch line to main line
Miami Lakes: Enrique 305-431-7449: installed 19’ main line, 26’ Bathroom branch line
Miami: Danny 305-300-6949: installed 41’ of cured in place pipe lining serving 2 bathrooms and 1 shared main line
Lake Worth: Lee 9548215450: installed up to 25’ minimum
Pompano Beach: Victoria 954-816-7647: installed 45’ main line to rear bathroom
Palm Beach: Bob 561-582-9830: installed main and all branch lines
Pinecrest: Adriana 305-579-4724: installed 55’ main line, 37’ guest bathroom branch line
Pembroke Pines: Salvatore 954-432-0852: installed main line 23’, bathroom branch line 34’, kitchen line 10’ laundry line 5’
Fort Lauderdale: Kulbeer 954-770-2093: installed 15′ toilet branch line, 38′ main line, 12′ of kitchen line, plus access hole
Venice: Shelly 7708141643: installed up to 20′
Ft Myers: William 239-849-1221: installed 60′ main line, 22′ guest branch line, and 10′ kitchen line
Miami: Luis 305-218-9425: installed 32′ of cast iron drainage pipes
Wilton Manors: Alan 954-873-5321: installed 40′ of main line
Miami: Jack 305-962-6534: installed up to 25′ from cleanout to toilet
Plantation: Britney 954-732-8860: installed main line 55′, toilet branch 10′, master bathroom branch 3′
Fort Lauderdale: Cindy/John 954-648-3389: installed 78’ of cast iron drains serving bathrooms, kitchen and laundry
Miami Beach: Ted 305-588-1468: installed 31′ main, 11′ laundry and 8′ guest bathroom line
Plantation: Andre 954-471-2470: installed main line 38’, kitchen line 12’, bathroom line 13’, master bathroom branch line 37’, guest bathroom branch line 16’
Fort Lauderdale: John 954-649-1973: installed 47’ of main drain to cleanout
Pompano Beach: Bobby 605-484-0544: installed kitchen line
Citrus isle: Frank Sessions 954-296-3088: installed 48′ main, 8′ laundry
Coral Gables: Johannes 312-697-9817: installed entire house of 132′
Oakland Park: Shiva 954-803-9782: installed 57′ main line,
Dania Beach: Victor Plante 603-703-7064: installed 12 cast iron stacks (19’ each) plus 70’ cast iron lateral main drain going from building to city connection
Miami: Adam 305-962-6900: installed 50′ main line
Miami Lakes: Steve 305-970-7507: installed 2 toilet branch lines 33’, kitchen/laundry line 56’, main line 24’
Boca Raton: Jerry 561-400-8200: installed 5′ to cover roots and hole in pvc toilet branch line
Fort Lauderdale: Tiger 949-357-7810: installed main 18′, 19′ branch, 12′ branch
Oakland Park: Charles 954-558-2362: installed 31′ main line and 12′ laundry
Hollywood: Jader 954-854-1184: installed 18′ main, 26′ master bathroom
Miami: Mike 786-374-5581: installed 25′ main line and 20′ kitchen line
Margate: Debora/Luis 954-309-7832: installed 46’ main line, 22’ laundry line, 25’ master bathroom branch line
Davie: Tammy 954-444-4051: installed 24′ main, 12′ guest bathroom, 34′ “other branch line”
Pinecrest: Carlos 305-970-7494: installed 46’ of pipe Lining of the drain lines serving the 3 bathrooms on the right side of the house
Pinecrest: Chris 305-609-9997: installed 24’ main, 12’ kitchen’, 11’ guest bath
Hollywood Hills: Paul 954-258-2707/; installed 40′ main, 16′ kitchen, 16′ master bathroom
Naples: Mary 937-609-2927: installed 42’ main line, 11’ master bathroom
Palmetto Bay: Carla 305-244-8395: installed 75′ main, 41′ master bathroom, 12′ and 7′ guest bathrooms, 12′ kitchen
Tamarac: Dolores 954-253-1969: installed main 13’, laundry 14’ branch 10’
Coral Gables: Jason 954-558-3842: installed 75′ main line and 20′ kitchen line
Hollywood: Marie 954-683-2083: installed 28′ main
Miami: Ruben 786-251-3142: installed 31′ main
Fort Myers Beach: Gary 419-509-9021: installed 10′ main, 26′ master bathroom, 31′ guest bathroom
Margate: James 954-249-4924: installed 26′ main line
Fort Myers: Karen 239-313-0992: linbed 61′ main
Tavernier: Harold 561-662-5721: installed 40′ main line
Boynton Beach: Laura 954-907-0516: installed 26’ main, 5’ guest bathroom
Fort Myers: Jennifer 239-839-3447: installed 40’ main, 10’ master bathroom, 12’ guest, 10’ laundry
Siesta Key: Bert 716-499-6406: installed 30′ main, 33′ master bathroom, 28′ laundry, 11′ kitchen
Miami: Dan 214-923-7075: installed 57′ main, 17′ master bathroom
Fort Lauderdale: Jerry 954-632-976: installed 28′ main, 10′ guest bathroom, 19′ master bathroom, 26′ guest bathroom
Miami: Parimal 305-662-5937: 50′ main, 9′ kitchen, 21′ laundry, 8′ guest bathroom
Boynton Beach: Pauline 561-558-3424: installed 30’ main
Cape Coral: Ed 309-303-4911: installed 24′ main, 40′ laundry, 9′ kitchen
Tamarac: Leon 720-318-1801: installed 24′ main, 27′ kitchen, 7′ laundry
Margate: Kendra and Clifford 954-849-9526: installed liner throughout entire cast iron drainage system under slab
Plantation: John 954-818-6787: installed 60′ main, 10′ guest bath
Miami: Jaime 786-338-3029: installed 25′ main
Pompano Beach: Trey 404-735-8698: 25′ from PVC wye, around 90 degree bend in floor, and then remaining 25′
Port Charlotte: Scott 941-626-0721: installed 25’ of main line, 13’ of bathroom branch line, 16’ of laundry branch line
Fort Lauderdale: Michael 954-695-6470: installed 38′ main, 7′ guest bathroom, 21′ kitchen
Hollywood: Antonio 813-382-6499: installed 44’ main line, 24’ master bathroom
Sanibel island: Suzanne 10’ main, 14’ laundry line, 13’ kitchen line, 54’ “OTHER” branch line
Cutler Bay: Mike 305-342-5850: installed 27′ main, 7′ guest bathroom
Davie: Sam 954-665-9280 62′ main, 14′ kitchen
Hollywood: Tatyana 317-496-2515 main line 52 ft
Fort Lauderdale: Ashley (Arnaldo is contact 954-240-7941): installed 33′ main and 34′ master bathroom
Punta Gorda: Jeremy/Michelle 404-938-1469: installed 32′ main, 24′ kitchen, 17′ guest bathroom, 24′ laundry
Hollywood: Sergiy 561-806-8718: installed 45’ main and 21’ kitchen
Tamarac: Cary 754-200-5204: installed 28′ main, 25′ kitchen, 12′ laundry, and lateral line
Cutler Bay: Eddie 786-256-1504: installed 35′ main, 27′ from kitchen line to clean out
Coral Gables: Sidney 954-205-1409: installed up to 25 ft of lining
West Palm Beach: Dave 561-722-9561: installed 50’ main line, 20′ guest bathroom, 10′ kitchen, 10′ master bathroom
Hollywood: Kristen/Brian 786-267-3502: installed 55′ main, 29′ guest bathroom, 7′ kitchen, 1 excavation
Anna Maria Island: Lisa 215-370-2857: installed 40’ main line
Clearwater: Lisa 727-386-8156: installed 20′ of main line
Cooper City: Paul 954-649-0435: installed 14’ of bathroom branch drain, 30’ of main line to cleanout, 33’ of kitchen drain
Clearwater: Susan 239-784-9313: installed 12′ main line
Plantation: Spencer 540-604-8026: installed 36′ in the front of the house to street edge
Miami: Jim 305-213-6432: installed 27′ laundry and 10′ kitchen
Plantation: Angela 347-301-0868: installed 32’ of main line to kitchen wall where PVC begins under patio
Cooper City: Mike 954-326-8834: installed 72’ from furthest toilet from cleanout all the way to the cleanout
Pompano Beach: Stan 917-450-4210: installed 90′ main line
Oakland Park: Hal 954-253-3547: installed 70’ of cast iron drains serving bathrooms and laundry
Elias 305-752-3363: installed 95′ of kitchen, master bath branch line, and guest toilet line
Ileana 786-357-0522: installed 55’ of cast iron drains serving bathroom branch lines plus main line]

Eddie 954.588.0843: 20′ main line under building

Miami: Rene 786-299-2951: installed 17′ laundry line
Casey 954-253-3027: installed 32′ from master bath toilet to cleanout
Greg 954-849-2415: installed 40’ main line from cleanout to kitchen and 24’ bathroom branch line
Joseph 954-881-4148: installed 41’ of cast iron main drain serving 2 bathrooms
Orlando: Donnie 407-474-0960: installed 119’ mainline under office complex
Cooper City: Zaida 954-290-9213: installed 51’ of main drain under slab and 12’ kitchen branch drain line under slab
Coral Gables: Carol 905-449-9060: installed 28′ main line and 32′ bathroom branch line. Crumbled vertical cast iron stack replacement from roof down to horizontal section of re-installed pipe underground

Venice: Carol 570-350-8847: installed 66’ of cast iron main drain 6’ and 7’ of toilet branch lines

Miami: Local contact: Kyle 614-309-2563 / Customer is Sally 614-519-4540: installed 45’ of main line, 22’ laundry and 12’ bathroom branch lines
Ryan and Linda 954-995-3210: installed 85’ of ALL cast iron drains under slab
Venice: Barb: 941-730-8316: installed approximately 2 x 15’ of cast iron drains under slab
David 917-667-9698: installed approximately 47’ of main line and 31’ of branch cast iron drains (2 bathrooms)
Ft. Lauderdale: Chris: 954-817-6746: installed approximately 48’ of cast iron main drain under slab; 52’ of cast iron laundry branch drain; 32′ Lateral from house to street edge
Ft. Lauderdale: Stacey 561-305-0456 ( Harry 954-258-0600 is tenant): installed 28’ of cast iron main drain under slab to cleanout in concrete 17’ of branch drain
Hollywood: Susanne 954-584-3592: installed 41’ of main line, 35’ branch line
Oakland Park: Vibeke 954-394-9279: installed 41’ of cast iron main drain under slab and 13’ of kitchen branch line
Dania Beach: Maria (local contact is Victor unit 10 ; (603) 703-7064)) Ronola Apartments Condominium WEST BUILDING: Trenchless pipe restoration of 11 x 16’ cast iron stacks and 175’ cast iron main drain under slab
Coral Gables: Tracy 305-283-4064: installed 60′ of toilet branch line;
West Palm Beach: Beatriz and Ruiz 561-281-9663: installed 48’ of main line and 35’ of kitchen branch line drains under slab, kitchen access hole, and concrete replacement
Ft. Lauderdale: Al 954-696-7413: installed 28′ of lining in toilet branch line, grout/scale removal in same pipe
Pembroke Pines: Rick 954-655-0990: installed 39′ from bathroom to cleanout
Lighthouse Point: Nick 954-347-7544: installed 30’ of cast iron main line
Miami: Pat and Lee 305-989-8622: installed 90′ of main line from pool bathroom to cleanout (plus toilet branch line)
Miami: Rolando 305-801-8880: installed 47’ main line
Gabriella 561-251-3328: installed 58’ main line
Plantation: Jason 305-609-7046: installed approximately 35′ of main, 32’ of branch and 11’ kitchen cast iron drains
Cape Coral: Rhonda 954-257-6044: installed 22′ kitchen branch line
Maria 305-479-4664: installed all drains under slab, approx. 84′
Miami Beach: Jim 305-968-0190: installed 15′ of kitchen drain, and added 4″ clean out outside of kitchen
West Palm Beach: Luis 786-554-6065: installed 25’ of cast iron drains under slab from toilet to cleanout , plus kitchen line
Miami: Warren 305-978-9646: installed 90′, all pipes under slab
Miami: Doug 786-999-9005: installed 105’ of main line cast iron drains and 43’ bathroom branch line under slab
Jupiter: Ron 561-745-3005: installed approximately 47’ of cast iron drains under slab from main bathroom to cleanout
Miami: Jason 248-444-4509: installed about 4-5′ of lining
Vicki 305-343-5286: installed up to 20’ of kitchen branch line drains under slab
Tommy 239-851-3696: installed 55′ main line
Janice 303-525-9528: installed 120′ of pipe lining under whole house
Plantation: Yvonne 954-638-7900: installed 55′ of main line and bathroom branch line
Pompano Beach: Gustavo’s 954-817-0139: installed about 40′ of main line
Lake Worth: Owen 203-994-0054: installed 50′ stack
Margate: Tony 954-993-4851: installed 65′ toilet and main line
Miami: John 305-302-6900: installed about 65’ of main line
Coral Springs: Travis 757-810-4745: installed about 50′ branch and 25′ main line under slab
Pompano Beach: Todd 954-536-9812: installed 80′ under slab
Boca Raton: Gail 561-716-1123: installed 28’ lateral to road
Boca Raton: Lisa 954-415-1871: installed 30′ of main line
Dunedin: Lizz 859-816-7269: installed 30′ of branch line
Sarasota: Larry 469-387-0197: installed 45′ main line

Older Pipe Lining Jobs: 2004 – 2015

St. Petersburg: George’s Allibi Bar & Grill, Bill 727-563-4710: The drain pipes serving the main bar were rusted so badly from the soda fountain carbon dioxide bubbles (carbonic acid) that the soil was falling into the void where the pipes used to be! Physical replacement was estimated to take two weeks, but we relined the pipes in one day!
Miami: Alex 786-258-6086: 60’ main line and 50’ of kitchen and laundry branch lines. William and Susanna were told by their plumber that their floors had to be opened up to remove and replace all the plumbing pipes. We determined that only 3 pipes were severely corroded and cracked, which we re–lined and fixed permanently in just 3 days for 40% of the cost of excavation.
Boca Raton: Howard 561-350-7899: 45’ of kitchen line, 25’ of laundry line and 40’ of main drain. A prominent doctor in Boca Raton had a stunning home plagued by repeated backups. Plumbers wanted to dig up his matching floors to replace pipe. We re-lined all his pipes in 3-4 days for 25% of the cost of excavation, and he was able to stay in his home and use his pipes each evening till the next morning.
Coral Gables: Albert: 45’ of sewer main line. Also a doctor but in Coral Gables, where cast iron drains are in general in terrible shape, was seriously distraught when he found out his main line was cracked. They have a new tiny baby, and living in a hotel for a few weeks was not an option. We re-lined his pipe in 1 day, and his last words to us was a text: “I could kiss you guys, my wife is so relieved”.
Lake Worth: Janet 561-662-2848: 20’ of main line. Janet works for Howard (above). She was having repeated backups in her guest bathroom, and the guests felt unwelcome! We relined her pipe in 1 day at a price she was seriously happy to pay.
Fort Myers: Bill 502-807-2456: 65’ of 3” main drain. Bill was experiencing backups and foul odors and a video inspection showed broken cast iron drains and bellies in the pipes were the cause. The plumbers wanted to dig under the house and replace ALL the drains, about 130’ in length. Our video inspection showed only 65’ of main drain was actually compromised, which we re-lined in 2 days. The slippery bellies remained, but there were no backups and no odors ever since.
Tampa: Gary 813-323-3158: 17’ of bathroom drain. Gary’s elderly mother was having one of her bathrooms back up frequently. The plumber wanted to tear up the floors and replace the toilet drain going to the main line because of a belly (depression) in the pipe. But that meant all the tile would have to be replaced. The jackhammering and mess would prove to be too much for his mom, so we re-lined the pipe in 1 day for half the cost.
Coral Springs: Mildred 954-755-1933: 54’ cast iron sewer main line. Mildred had a terrible backup ruining her floors and furniture. Pipe video inspection showed her sewer main line had holes and cracks which were causing the backups. Plumbers wanted her to move out for 3 weeks to excavate her house, costing around $22,000. We re-lined her pipe in 2 days using a 100-year pipe lining saving her 78% in costs.
Fort Lauderdale: Jason 954-557-7077: 58’ of 3” and 4” cast iron drains. Plumbers video inspected pipes and recommended excavation of entire house to replace plumbing. The family would have to vacate their home for 2-3 weeks, and the cost would run approximately $30,000. We relined all the pipes in 2 days at 30% of that cost.
Miami: Myra 954-733-7233: 120’ of 3” and 4” cast iron sewer pipes. Myra had a plumber tell her he needs to dig up their marble floors and replace all the old cast iron pipe due to cracks and bellies causing backups. His estimate was for $35,000. We cleaned and relined all the pipes in 3 days at half the cost using a 50-year warranty lining. All her problems stopped.
Miami: Juan 954-336-4302: 30’ of 3” cast iron under house. Juan had recently renovated his house with new floors. His toilet kept backing up into the bath and shower. Video showed cast iron sewer pipe had rusted floor which was completely missing. The remaining cast iron walls were catching on debris. We re-lined his pipe in one day.
Hollywood: Allen 954-931-2611: 35’ of 3” cast iron under house. A video inspection showed that Allen was having repeated backups from debris getting caught on roots growing into cracked cast iron pipe under his house. We arrived 8am, left 5pm, and he had a new 100-year liner inside his old pipe.
Fort Myers: Carla 239-707-0659: 40’ of sewer lateral pipe going to road. Carla had repeated backups in the sewer pipe going from then house to the road. Roots were growing into the old cast iron pipe, causing repeated backups. The paved driveway and large tree prevented excavation, so we cleaned and relined the pipe in one day.
Coral Gables: Marcel 305-510-3005: 30’ of 3” sewer main line & 15’ of 2” kitchen drain. This beautiful house had missing pipe floor in the cast iron main drain and kitchen line. The plumbers wanted to use a back hoe to remove the floor! We re-lined their pipes in two days, no excavation.
Ft Lauderdale: Freda 954-471-6507: 24’ of 4” sewer main line. This retired lady has her grandson and his daughter living with her. Excavation to replace pipes meant living in a hotel for 3-4 weeks. We relined her sewer main pipe in one day!
Ft Lauderdale: Marion 954-821-6271: 64’ of 4” sewer main line. Relined her sewer main pipe that contained bellies and had cracked pipe walls and roof.
Ft. Myers: Josh 239-707-5561: 27’ of 4” sewer main line. This rental property had repeated backups from root growth and rough cast iron surfaces. Plumbers kept snaking out the line each 3 weeks at $275 per visit. The tenants threatened to leave. We relined the pipe in one day, problem solved.
Naples: Gary 239-433-3165: 43’ of 4” sewer main line. A pipe video inspection revealed the bottom of his 4” cast iron drain pipe had corroded away. The home had been recently remodeled with new bamboo flooring. Within 2 days we had relined the 2” kitchen line and also the adjoining 4” trunk line that serves the entire house.
Largo: Crystal 727-501-6992: Repeated backups from rusted cast iron sewer main line. Cleaned and re-lined in 2 days, no excavation.
St. Petersburg: Lynn: 770-540-5530: 28’ of 4” sewer main line. 45 year old cast iron sewer pipe with cracks in floor allowed water to run out into soil, leaving no water to push waste out to street sewer system. Pipe lining in one day solved the problem permanently.
Hallandale: Amit 305-767-4900: 4” cast iron sewer main line. 3 renters experiencing repeated sewer blockages. Property owner was told by plumbers to dig up 75’ of 4” cast iron sewer pipe to get rid of the bellies, costing $45,000 which would take 2 weeks. We relined the pipe in one day saving him 78% in costs. No trouble ever since!
Pompano Beach: Ed 954-663-5974: 45’ of 4” sewer main line. 60-year old luxury home experiencing repeated backups. Plumbers wanted to dig tunnels under house to replace sewer pipes. Homeowner concerned about soil compaction and possible settlement and slab cracks afterwards. Estimated cost: $65,000, duration – 2 weeks. We re-lined the pipe in one day saving her 76% in costs.
Tampa: Greg 813-884-1762: 2” Kitchen Line – Missing Cast Iron Pipe Floor. 2” cast iron kitchen pipe floor had completely corroded away and was causing debris to become lodged on the edges of the remaining pipe. The plumbing company suggested excavating the entire 50’ section of floor to replace the pipe, which was estimated to take 1 week and cost $11,000. We relined it in 1 day for saving her 78% in costs.
Ocean Reef (Key Largo): Bob 305-367-0011: Sewer Lateral Pipe Lining. During high tide the ocean was leaking into the cracked clay sewer lateral pipe going from the house to the sewer main in the road. This infiltration increases sewer processing costs. Due to traffic, high water tables, and the soil made of coral rock, excavation was certainly not an option. Digging
and water control would run $15,894. The city hired us to reline the pipe during low tide saving him 67% in costs.
Tampa: Rick 813-514-3914: 3” and 4” Cast Iron. Video inspection showed cast iron pipes had numerous cracks along the floor and several “bellies”. The plumbing company suggested they excavate the whole home to replace the pipe and concrete floor. The new wood flooring would however have to be replaced thereafter. Total cost $45,000. Trenchless Pipe Lining re-lined all of his 3” and 4” sewer pipes in two days saving him 68% in costs.
Tampa: Chris 813-918-0014: Clay and Cast Sewer Iron Pipe. This house was experiencing repeated sewer backups. The snake auger would open the pipe by pulling out large wads of roots that had grown into the pipe under the house. The plumbing company preferred to excavate the home and landscaping, costing around $25,000 and would take about a week. In addition, excavating under the oak tree would destabilize the whole tree. Pipe lining took just one day and saving him 56% in costs.

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