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Sectional Pipe Lining | Point Repairs Using Perma-liner Technology

“Point” / “Sectional” Repairs

Sometimes only a small section of a pipe needs to be lined, which costs a lot less than lining the entire length. But the best thing about this “Point Repair” or “Sectional Repair” is that the bladder that holds the hardening pipe liner against the wall has a hollow tube throughout its length, allowing flow in the pipe to continue DURING the repair.

“We had 92 broken areas in our 22,000’ of clay sewer pipes, which would have cost at least $1,500,000 to reline, but since 95% of the pipe was in great condition, we opted to do “Sectional Repairs” over the 92 broken areas and only paid $450,000.”

John H., Mobil Home Park, Orlando, FL

So there is no need for bypass pumping from manhole to manhole or to tell residents to stop using their facilities.

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How It Works:


First we clean the problematic line with a high pressure and high flow jetter


Then we video inspect the entire length of pipe


Then a resin-saturated fiberglass felt liner is wrapped around the bladder and secured with special plastic ties designed to break when the bladder is inflated later


The bladder is pulled into the correct place by a rope, inflated for 3 hours while the liner hardens, and then deflated and pulled out of the pipe


A final video-recorded inspection is performed and a copy provided to customer

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