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Pipe Bursting – Trenchless Pipe Replacement With The Option To Increase Pipe Diameter & Flow


On some occasions pipes have to be rehabilitated by pipe bursting. Examples would be when the pipe is in too bad of a shape to be re-lined by CIPP or if the pipe diameter needs to be increased for more flow.

Concrete storm drains may be collapsing, corrugated culverts may be rusted and sagging, or clay sewer pipes may have off-set joints or partially collapsed sections.

Pipe Bursting – How It Works

pipe bursting head attached to cable

First a strong cable is strung from one end of the pipe to another. Usually a watter jetter or pipe video inspection camera is used to pull the cable through the pipe.

Next a “pipe bursting head” is attached to the cable. A pipe bursting head is conical in shape, with the pointed end pointing towards the pipe. Behind the pointed end the new pipe is attached. On the other end of the pipe a very strong winch is attached to the cable, and the winch pulls the conical head and the new pipe into the old pipe.

Since the conical head is of larger diameter than the old pipe, the pipe bursting head breaks up and pushes apart the pieces of the old pipe for the new pipe to take its place.

What Happens To The Pipe Connections That Were Destroyed?

If there were connecting pipes, those connections have to be re-plumbed. This involves excavating where every connection was and manually reconnecting the old plumbing to the new plumbing.

Does The Pipe Bursting Destroy Part Of The Manhole?

Yes but the manhole is professionally repaired after the new pipe is in place.

Benefits Of Pipe Bursting Over Pipe Lining

First of all, the host pipe condition is not important. Any pipe can be pipe bursted. Secondly, the new pipe can be made to have a larger diameter than the old pipe, so flow can be increased. Thirdly, the new HDPE pipe is stronger than pipe lining. And last of all, the pipe does not have to be clean to be pipe bursted.

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