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You've Got Problems

Backups from Roots

Backups From Roots

Root infiltration catching on waste causing sewage backups
Rusted or Broken Pipes

Rusted or Broken Pipes

Rough edges from corroded cast iron pipe or broken edges catching waste causing blocked drains
Leaking Sewer Pipes

Leaking Sewer Pipes and Roof Drain In High-Rise Apartments

Corroded cast iron pipes in walls causing water damage and foul odors
Dislocated Joints

Dislocated Joints

Offset joints or separated pipe connections causing backups or sand infiltration

We've Got Solutions

CIP Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining

Cured-In-Place pipe lining takes only 3 hours to install, has a 50-year warranty, avoids excavation mess, no need to relocate residents or business tenants
Pipe Within A Pipe

Pipe Within A Pipe

The new �inner� pipe is as strong as PVC, reduces inner diameter by only 5%, is extremely smooth, permanently stops backups and leaks

�Must-See� 3 Minute Video!

A crash-course about pipe re-lining from the owner
Water Leaks

Hot or Cold Water Leaks

Pinhole leaks in corroded copper pipes causing slab leaks, discolored water, lead contamination and low flow
Epoxy Pipe Lining

Epoxy Pipe Lining

The inner pipe is scoured and then coated with patented food grade epoxy which seals leaks and stops corrosion
Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole Rehabilitation

Water infiltration and exfiltration problems or physical disintegration of manholes


Application of tough epoxy coatings to permanently protect manholes from chemical and physical deterioration


Are your sewer pipes backing up from root infestation, or from missing pipe floors or broken sewer pipes? Are your apartment roof rain leader drains leaking into walls of condominiums? Modern pipe lining installs a new pipe inside of the old pipe. It only takes 3 hours, has a 50 year warranty and is as strong as repiping with new pipe. The internal diameter is only reduced by 5%. We only need one entry point to install the new pipe liner, usually from a rooftop or a small access hole dug outside the building. Compared to old-fashioned excavation, this new inner pipe is cheaper, faster and cleaner. Click Pipe Lining to learn more.


Jackson has thousands of miles of deteriorating potable water pipe infrastructure which is especially prone to pinhole leaks in corroded or damaged pipes creating slab leaks. Leaking copper and galvanized pipes cause water damage and lead leaching into drinking water. Large and small diameter epoxy pipe rehabilitation coats the inside of any pipes with EPA approved food-grade epoxy which permanently seals all leaks. The epoxy coating is applied in varying thicknesses, depending on if it is used in oil refineries, hospitals, hotels, home, factories, aircraft carriers, water pipelines and apartment high-rises. Click Epoxy Pipe Lining to learn more.


In some circumstances, pipes cannot be lined so “pipe bursting” is used, which involves the physical destruction and outward displacement of the old pipe followed simultaneously by the installation of a new pipe with the same or wider diameter inside the newly created void. In other cases, a new pipe can simply be pulled into the old pipe (“slip lining”), thereby reducing the internal diameter somewhat. Click Pipe Bursting / Slip Lining to learn more.



  1. Speed: cured in place pipe lining takes hours not weeks
  2. Cost: since no walls, basements, floors, driveways and landscaping is destroyed, trenchless pipe repair is cheaper than digging and replacing pipe
  3. Cleanliness: No pipe repair excavation mess inside apartments, factories, hospitals and commercial buildings
  4. No downtime costs: restaurant pipe rehab and CIPP in other commercial facilities allows the continued operation and no economic loss

Interested in becoming a pipe lining installer at the lowest possible cost and with real-world training from a cutting edge installer? Click Trenchless Pipe Lining Equipment to learn more.

MANHOLE REHABILITATION: Are you experiencing water infiltration or sewer exfiltration? Are your San Antonio sewer manholes disintegrating? We offer both physical manhole rehabilitation with fiberglass linings as well as epoxy and polymeric manhole rehabilitation. Click Manhole Rehab to learn more.

We are one of the largest resources for trenchless pipe repair, repiping and relining services in Texas. Most people have never had to deal with Pipelining because blocked drain problems only occur once in their lifetime. But cities and corporations have been Pipelining for over 40 years, and the same technology was introduced to small diameter pipe for home owners, condo owners, apartment buildings, shopping centers, small businesses and anyone else with pipe problems around 12 years ago.

All of our materials have a 50 year warranty and meet ASTM 1216 specifications for air-inversion lining and ASTM specifications of pull-in-place lining. Pipe relining and CIPP works on copper, concrete, clay, cast iron, steel and other common plumbing pipes. The most common pipes that need to be replaced are sewer lines and water lines, but all plumbing pipe can be replaced without digging.

Need Pipe Replacement?  Don’t Excavate!

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) or Trenchless Pipe Replacement has been around for 30 years and has been used for large diameter pipe rehabilitation by municipalities and commercial entities worldwide. But about 12 years ago small diameter pipe lining was perfected and has been in use in homes, hotels, apartments, ships, hospitals, and basically anyplace that needed repiping. Our Perma-Liner brand of trenchless technology has a 50-year warranty and only takes hours to install, and costs less than pipe replacement.

Any broken or rusted pipe can be relined, including concrete culvert pipes, copper water pipes, cast iron sewer pipes, PVC drains, clay VCP pipe, steel or corrugated pipe. The new inner liner creates a single seamless pipe with no joints and thus prevents water and sand infiltration, root intrusion and all pipe erosion and corrosion.

Signs of damaged pipe include discolored water, frequent backups, sand in water, slow flow, strange pipe noises when flushing and clogs. If caught in time before the entire damaged pipe collapses, trenchless pipelining can restore the pipe for 50 years.

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Recent San Antonio TX Job:  Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer CIPP Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Symptoms: Sewer drain backups, toilets flooding into laboratories
Problem: Disconnected joints in HDPE sewer pipes not fused properly, catching on debris, drain backups
Location: W. Commerce St., San Antonio TX

In January 2008 a Perma-liner installers / contractor Craftsman Pipe Lining was contacted by a distraught pharmaceuticals manufacturer in Texas. Their $150MM newly renovated manufacturing facility was shut down as the underground H.D.P.E pipes had separated at the poorly fused joints that were catching on debris causing drain blockages.

Excavation to replace these lines was not an option since they were directly beneath rooms that were under the highest levels of bio-containment, which would cost millions to restore after such invasive repairs. The pharmaceuticals company needed a way to repair five of these 110’ sewer lines with the least amount of disruption. To make matters worse, pharmaceutical equipment had somehow fallen into these lines and had become trapped in the cracks of the broken joints. The equipment would have to be removed without excavation. Furthermore, if anything went wrong with the pipe liners during installation, trenching would not be an option.

Some of the trenchless CIPP bidders were using technology that required two access points but since Perma-Liner’s technology required only one 2’x3’ entry point, they were the chosen technology. The pharmaceuticals company just had to find a capable permaliner installer in San Antonio for such a risky and complicated job. They chose Craftsman Pipe Lining due to their physical proximity and their price, which was one-fourth that of the nearest bidder.

Camera inspection indicated that four lines needed rehabilitation, so four access points were carefully selected and a containment room was built over each one to minimize debris dispersal. Furthermore, air conditioning was turned off to minimize airborne contamination and the United States Food and Drug Administration inspected sites to ensure compliance with regulations. Once the holes were dug, the water was turned off to the whole facility.

Within six hours each line was shot, cured and access points opened with reinstatement cutters. The most important main 110’ line was the most difficult as the reinstatements could not be found easily. So the Craftsman crew improvised by using a laser attached to a drain snake to run the laser through the lateral p-traps down to the main line from where the beam of light could clearly be seen by the reinstatement cutter operator.

The job was completed ahead of schedule thanks to single entry Perma-Liner technology and skilled installers that could improvise at moment’s notice.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Process For San Antonio CIPP:

  1. Perform pipe video investigation to determine the source of pipe problems
  2. Using a jetter, use high pressure water to clean drain lines
  3. Measure the length of pipe that needs pipe re-lining
  4. Cut pipe liners to correct length, and mix appropriate amount of epoxy resin
  5. Saturate pipe liner with resin
  6. Use air pressure to install pipe liners in broken pipes, allow 3 hours to cure/harden.

Pipe Rehabilitation Services Offered Throughout Texas:

  • Underground pipe replacement
  • Water liner rehabilitation
  • Manhole lining and rehabilitation
  • Culvert pipelining
  • Storm drain repair
  • Sewer line rehab and repair

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Pipe Lining Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do you offer pipe lining in Boerne, Texas?

Answer: Yes, we actually offer trenchless pipe rehabilitation service in Fair Oaks Ranch, La Vernia, Falls City, Somerset, Natalia, Leon Valley, Pasadena and will travel anywhere in Texas depending on the job size.

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