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You've Got Problems

Backups from Roots

Backups From Roots

Root infiltration catching on waste causing sewage backups
Rusted or Broken Pipes

Rusted or Broken Pipes

Rough edges from corroded cast iron pipe or broken edges catching waste causing blocked drains
Leaking Sewer Pipes

Leaking Sewer Pipes and Roof Drain In High-Rise Apartments

Corroded cast iron pipes in walls causing water damage and foul odors
Dislocated Joints

Dislocated Joints

Offset joints or separated pipe connections causing backups or sand infiltration

We've Got Solutions

CIP Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining

Cured-In-Place pipe lining takes only 3 hours to install, has a 50-year warranty, avoids excavation mess, no need to relocate residents or business tenants
Pipe Within A Pipe

Pipe Within A Pipe

The new �inner� pipe is as strong as PVC, reduces inner diameter by only 5%, is extremely smooth, permanently stops backups and leaks

�Must-See� 3 Minute Video!

A crash-course about pipe re-lining from the owner
Water Leaks

Hot or Cold Water Leaks

Pinhole leaks in corroded copper pipes causing slab leaks, discolored water, lead contamination and low flow
Epoxy Pipe Lining

Epoxy Pipe Lining

The inner pipe is scoured and then coated with patented food grade epoxy which seals leaks and stops corrosion
Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole Rehabilitation

Water infiltration and exfiltration problems or physical disintegration of manholes


Application of tough epoxy coatings to permanently protect manholes from chemical and physical deterioration

STRUCTURAL PIPE LINING: Are your sewer pipes backing up from root infestation, or from missing pipe floors or broken sewer pipes? Are your apartment roof rain leader drains leaking into walls of condominiums? Modern structural pipe replacement installs a new pipe inside of the old pipe. It only takes 3 hours, has a 50 year warranty and is as strong as repiping with new pipe. The internal diameter is only reduced by 5%. We only need one entry point to install the new pipe liner, usually from a rooftop or a small access hole dug outside the building. Compared to old-fashioned excavation, this new inner pipe is cheaper, faster and cleaner. Click Pipe Lining to learn more.

EPOXY PIPE LINING: Denver has thousands of miles of leaking water pipe infrastructure and is especially prone to pinhole leaks in corroded or damaged pipes creating slab leaks. Our proprietary spray lining process was designed for non-structural and semi-structural renewal of 1/2” to 24” water mains and fire hydrant supply pipes. The process applies a potable water certified epoxy to rehabilitate deteriorated, leaky and corrosion clogged pipes. Pressure and flow ratings restored and the prevention of future corrosion is ensured. Our 10 year epoxy spray coating experience includes over 450,000 linear feet of successfully rehabilitating North American water and fire mains. The epoxy coating has been applied in varying thicknesses in oil refineries, hospitals, hotels, homes, factories, aircraft carriers, water pipelines and apartment high-rises. Click Epoxy Pipe Lining to learn more.

PIPE BURSTING & SLIP LINING: In some circumstances, pipes cannot be lined so “pipe bursting” is used, which involves the physical destruction and outward displacement of the old pipe followed simultaneously by the installation of a new pipe with the same or wider diameter inside the newly created void. In other cases, a new pipe can simply be pulled into the old pipe (“slip lining”), thereby reducing the internal diameter somewhat. Click Pipe Bursting / Slip Lining to learn more.

MANHOLE REHABILITATION: Are you experiencing water infiltration or sewer exfiltration? Throughout Colorado sewer old manholes are disintegrating and we offer both physical manhole rehabilitation with fiberglass linings as well as epoxy and polymeric manhole rehabilitation. Click Manhole Rehab to learn more.

LOW COST PERMA-LINER EQUIPMENT SALES: Interested in becoming a pipe lining installer at the lowest possible cost and with real-world training from a cutting edge installer? Click Trenchless Pipe Lining Equipment to learn more.


Our Denver C.O trenchless pipe lining company is the only pipe replacement contractor in Colorado that offers a complete array of pipe rehabilitation techniques for residential, commercial, city and industrial applications. Hospitals for example will use Cured-In-Place pipe (CIPP) to rehabilitate their vertical leaking rain drain stacks and leaking sewage pipes, and high-rise apartments would use our epoxy pipe lining process to stop pinhole leaks and slab leaks in their copper water pipes. Cities use our sectional repairs to stop root infiltration at separated clay pipe joints and they use our manhole rehabilitation techniques to stop water infiltration and water exfiltration.

Our modern pipe lining techniques allow the trenchless pipe restoration of broken pipes or cracked sewer pipes without excavating floors, walls, driveways, foundations, basements and concrete slabs. This no-dig method of pipe repair is cleaner, cheaper and faster than excavation and repiping of damaged plumbing in Nashville.

Our Permaliner brand pipe liners have a 100-year life expectancy and come with a 50-year warranty. The pipe liners are installed from one access point, like a rooftop or from an outside cleanout so that there is no invasion of living space or workspace. Although underground pipe lining has been around for over 35 years, small diameter CIPP pipe lining was pioneered by Perma-Liner manufacturing. We are an experienced certified Denver Perma-Liner installer and contractor with extensive experience in high-rise apartment CIPP trenchless pipe replacement, sewer main line lining, industrial pipelining, manhole liners and manhole epoxy lining and residential sewer lateral lining in Denver C.O.

Structural Pipe Lining Installation Process

1. The pipe lining contractor uses a water jetter or mechanical pipe cleaning brushes to remove all scale and corrosion deposits causing drain pipe backups in your broken vertical or underground sewer pipes

2. Then the pipe lining company uses a video camera to inspect the sewer plumbing pipes and gets a distance measurement for the trenchless pipelining

3. The pipe liner is cut to length and 100% epoxy resin is mixed and used to saturate the pipe sleeve thoroughly

4. The new liner is installed and the epoxy resin saturated pipe liner is allowed to harden under air pressure against the walls of the broken leaking pipe that needs replacement

5. After 3 hours the new pipe liner has formed a new inner pipe inside the old pipe and the trenchless pipelining process is complete

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Featured Project: Cured In Place Pipe Lining of 6” Sewer Main Line

Location: Denver, Colorado C.O

Problem: Clay sewer main line backing up frequently in residences at Mobile Home Park

Diagnosis: Open pipe joints and broken VCP clay pipe and cracked pipe allowing roots to grow and block the inner pipe

Craftsman Pipe Lining was contacted by the owner of a mobile home park about a 350’ section of 6” clay sewer line running directly beneath 15 mobile homes. Repeated sewage backups were occurring and flooding he inside of tenants homes. “There’s nothing like stepping into cold sewage when you get out of bed in the morning” one resident told us.

The problem with the backed up clay pipe was threefold: open pipe joints, cracks and missing sections of broken sewer pipe. Plumbers offered to dig up and replace the pipe which was located 8’ under the homes, but hat would have been very expensive given the shoring required to hold up the walls and dangerous given the requirement to dig under the homes. Sewer pipe lining seemed the only viable alternative. Traditionally 350’ long pipe lining from manhole to manhole was done using water inversion, but that requires heated water under pressure to be pumped into the pipe for curing, and there is a long history of serious scalding or even fatal accidents by boiler truck operators. So the customer opted for Craftsman’s “air inversion” method that uses air to install the liner with a self-heating exothermic epoxy resin to cure the liner.

Craftsman cleaned the pipe and video inspected it to ensure its readiness and to get distance measurements. Then we installed 175’ of pipe liner from each manhole towards the center of the pipe with a 2’ overlap. After a 3 hour cure time, a robotic cutter was sent into the re-lined sewer pipe to cut open the sewer lateral lines coming from each mobile home. The entire job cost 45% of what the traditional dig and replace alternative would have run and took only 2 days rather than 3 weeks.

Recent Project in Colorado: Epoxy Pipe Lining of 6” Fire Hydrant Main

Location: Denver International Airport Denver, C.O.

Problem: Low flow and pressure in fire main lines

Diagnosis: A section was inspected revealing the pipes were almost completely clogged with corrosion induced tuberculation.

Craftsman was contacted by the maintenance department of the airport about a serious problem. The fire hydrant pipe that was supposed to have a 1,000 gallon per minute capacity was reduced to 200 gallons per minute due to microbially induced corrosion that created tuberculation. If left long enough, the bacteria would have corroded pits through the pipe creating serious leaks. The fire department had put the airport on notice to rectify the problem quickly. Given the location of the line, underneath 8” of reinforced concrete and in block walls that were poured solid, excavation was going to be an enormous disruption to operations at the airport.

Instead Craftsman’s proprietary epoxy spray lining rehabilitation was used. It is designed for non-structural and semi-structural renewal of 1/2” to 24” water mains and is one of the least disruptive rehabilitation technologies. The process applies a potable water certified epoxy to rehabilitate deteriorated, leaky and corrosion clogged pipes. At the AWWA standard 1 mm thickness1, most typical pinhole leaks are sealed, pressure and flow ratings restored and the prevention of future corrosion is ensured.

First access points were determined (such as fittings, valves, tees, hydrants, bends, etc.) in conformance with applicable authorities including the local fire department. Pipes were then cleaned using several cleaning methods to eliminate debris and corrosion buildup. A post cleaning CCTV inspection was then conducted to check for appropriate cleanliness, water leaks coming back into the pipe, excessive service protrusions or other issues. Once cleared for lining, the epoxy pipe lining hoses were inserted into the pipe and pulled to an exit pit at the far end of the isolated section of pipe, where the spray head was attached. The pre-calibrated spray rig were engaged, pumps actuated and the hose extracted at the rate calibrated to the size of the 6” pipe and thickness of the lining (the spray head uses centrifugal force to Spray line the epoxy resin in a uniform 3600 pattern onto the inside surface of the pipe … creating a seamless and protective barrier.) A post lining CCTV inspection ensured the application was done in accordance with expectations and requirements.

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Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

1. Speed: cured in place pipe lining takes hours not weeks

2. Cost: since no walls, basements, floors, driveways and landscaping is destroyed, trenchless pipe repair is cheaper than digging and replacing pipe

3. Cleanliness: No pipe repair excavation mess inside apartments, factories, hospitals and commercial buildings

4. No downtime costs: restaurant pipe rehab and CIPP in other commercial facilities allows the continued operation and no economic loss

Do We Offer Pipe Lining Services Outside of Denver?

Yes, we offer trenchless pipe lining throughout Colorado, in Parker, Centennial, Castle Rock, Lakewood, Thornton, Broomfield, Arvada, Westminster, Longmont, Loveland.

Pipe Rehabilitation Services Offered In Colorado

§ Underground pipe replacement

§ Water liner rehabilitation

§ Manhole lining and rehabilitation

§ Culvert pipelining

§ Storm drain repair

§ Sewer line rehab and repair

§ Multi-story waste stack and rain drain pipe relining

§ Industrial and government pipe rehabilitation

§ Medical facility trenchless pipe replacement

§ Oil rig pressured pipe restoration

§ Maritime vessel pipe repairs

§ Underground utility pipe replacement

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