Trenchless Pipe Lining


US Marine Command Center – Blount Island, Jacksonville


350’ of vertical 6” rain drains from rooftop to floor were leaking into the command center in the US Marines logistics building, and the underground sewer drains were cracked and causing repeated backups. We relined all these pipes in 3 days without any disruption to the marines inside the building.

Rick (904)


Palm Beach Water Department,

West Palm, FL


Stainless steel vent pipes emerging from the potable water tanks were corroding due to chlorine gas fumes. Replacing the pipes would disrupt Palm Beach water supply for weeks, so we relined 9 such pipes in 1 day using our NSF & EPA approved liner, without interfering with water supply.

Keith,     Chief Engineer


x 350

Club Med

Port St Lucie FL


Kitchen serving 1,000 people 3 times per day had an 8” clay pipe connected to a 6” clay pipe with significant root intrusion into pipe under a 75 year-old Banyan tree. Daily backups were causing serious delays! Excavation was not an option! We hydro-jetted the pipe with a vac-truck and used a robotic self-propelled video camera to inspect the pipe. It required 60’ of 6” CIPP and overlapping 20’ of 8” CIPP to rehabilitate the pipe.


772 398 5117

Hampton Inn, Tamarac FL


This new hotel has 2 x 6” PVC rain drains leaking into solid block walls. We relined them in 1 evening, which solved the problem.



Imperial Club,

Naples FL


This luxury condominium was experiencing leaks in their cast iron laundry stacks due to cracks, and the underground drains were backing up. Excavation of the marble floors and walls was not an attractive option. So we relined their pipes in 2 days, for 30% of pipe replacement cost.



Pepsi Bottling Plant,



Steve, the plant engineer contacted us about 325’ of cast iron sewer main line that was so corroded that the floor of the pipe was completely missing. Floor excavation and pipe replacement quotes were $75,000-$90,000, in addition to plant downtime. We relined the pipe in 10 days at less that 1/3rd of the cost, and the plant stayed operational.



Meridian Luxury Condos,

Palm Beach Gardens


Vertical cast iron sewer pipe was cracked along its length. The plumbers wanted to vacate the tenants for 2 weeks to excavate the walls and replace the pipe for $25,000, excluding wall covering repair (tile & marble). We relined the pipe in one day costing 70% less than excavation which includes a 50-year warranty.


561 582 9830


561 582 9828

Polk County Power Plant


Chemical processing drain buried under 6’ of concrete was leaking and excavation was impossible due to the equipment being in the way. We re-lined the pipe in 1 day. Hydrostatic pressure tests showed leak was resolved.



Patrick Air Force Base,

Melbourne, FL



Rain Drain Pipe Lining: During construction a rain drain was punctured by a screw. The hole was 100’ high inside a solid concrete wall. Excavation, repair and refinishing whilst elevated was dangerous and would cost around

$35,000. We located the hole and re-lined that section of pipe in one day costing 68% less than excavation.

Sean Blake 321-328-7777

Hilton Hotel

Downtown Miami


Rain Drain Pipe Lining: A leaking rain drain (leader) was inaccessible because it was suspended 30’ up in the air, in a solid concrete roof. Excavation and replacement would cost $21,000 and take 1-2 weeks. Pipe relining took 4 hours and cost 65% less than excavation.

Roger Setzser (301)


Mystic Pointe Tower,

South Beach Miami


Leaking Sewer Drains: After expensive renovations it was discovered the toilet drains were leaking and required replacement. Rather than excavating the walls and floors, the drains were re-lined in 3 hours.

Paul Mack (305)


Triton Towers,

Miami Beach


Leaking Rain Leaders: 6” diameter and 160’ long rain drains leaking into condos and lobby would cost $54,000 each to replace and take 3 months to complete. Rain drain pipe lining from the rooftop took 5 days and saved 71% over excavation..

Martha (305)


The Ocean Club, Boca Raton


Leaking Sewer Drains and Rain Leaders: Original construction used bad connectors to join pipes in the concrete floors between stories. There were 20 vertical stacks, each with 8 leaking connections that required replacement. Estimated cost $400,000. Instead we relined each pipe in three hours, saving

Phillip West (561)





around $220,000.


Guarantee Building, Downtown West Palm Beach


Leaking Rain Drains: This structure, designated a “US Historic Site”, was experiencing leaking rain drains in their solid block walls. Excavation was not an option as the building was 80’ high and occupied by prominent attorneys. We re-lined their drains in one afternoon, business continued as usual and tenants were not disturbed.

John (561)


Ocean Towers,



Leaking Sewer Stacks and Condensation Lines: This 16 storey, 40-year old building had rusting rain drains, sewer pipes and heating and condensation lines. The interiors of the units were adorned with marble, hand-painted frescos, large mirrors on the walls. 3,000’ of pipe lining installed over 3 weeks from rooftop only.

Roger (941)


Atlantic Towers,

Ft. Lauderdale


Leaking Rain Drains: 5” diameter and 180’ long rain drains leaking into condos and lobby would cost $62,000 each to replace and take 2 months to complete. Rain drain pipe lining from the rooftop took 3 days and saved 75% in costs.

Susan Russo (954)


Office Building, Jacksonville


This office building needed to replace their cast iron drain with minimal downtime, so we relined it in one day costing 60% less than excavation.




Doral Village MHP,



22,000’ of clay sewer pipe cleaning and video inspection, followed by “sectional point repairs” on selected broken areas of pipe where water infiltration and roots were causing problems.

John Warman (727)




Boca Raton, FL


Biotest’s $150MM manufacturing facility was shut down as the underground

H.D.P.E pipes had separated at the poorly fused joints.

Excavation was not an option due to contamination, so the pipes were re-lined

in 3 days at 15% of excavation cost.

Al Destefano or Gudicelli Santos



Disney’s Hollywood Studios-



The Backlot Express Restaurant had 450’ of corroded cast iron sewer pipes partially collapsing. We relined the pipes in 3 nights, saving millions of dollars in excavation and missed revenues.

Contact engineer     no longer employed    at Disney.


Linton Towers Office Building,

Delray Beach


They needed to have their cast iron sewer pipes replaced due to cracks under the building. Moving out businesses could breach lease agreements. So they opted to have their waste pipes lined instead, which took 2 nights and cost 27% as much as excavation, without business interruption.

Gordon (561)




St. Petersburg


Their production plant was built upon 8” reinforced concrete floors and the underlying 30 year old cast iron pipes were rusted and rough, causing frequent backups. We re-lined their sewer pipes in one night saving them 76% on excavation, without business interruption.

Scott Calkins (727)



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