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Air Conditioning Cooling Tower & Chiller Pipe Lining

Cooling Tower Pipes Corrode & Leak

Corroded cooling tower pipes can be re-lined

Often the pipes conveying water between the cooling tower and the chiller corrode due to incorrect or inadequate water treatment. These pipes may embedded in concrete walls or run underneath floors, making them very inaccessible for pipe replacement. They can be restored with a new physical inner pipe designed for load-bearing situations and with an expected lifespan of 100 years. This is known as “Cured In Place Pipe” lining (CIPP). Click here to learn more..

Chiller Pipes Corrode & Leak Too

The chilled water in the narrow diameter chiller supply and return lines also corrode due to improper water treatment. But these pipes can be restored by a process known as Epoxy Pipe Lining which cleans and coats the inner surface of the pipes with a tough food-grade epoxy between 1mm-6mm in thickness. Learn more here…

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