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Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner Repair Takes 4 Hours, Lasts 100 Years!

Do You Need A Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner?

Rusted Broken Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Under House – See Roots On Right Side Growing Into Pipe

Are you experiencing frequent sewage backups? Do you have to repeatedly pay the drain rooter company to unclog your drains? If so, you most likely have tree roots growing in your sewer pipe that grow back after the rooter company leaves.

So What Exactly Is A Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner?

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Containing New Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner

The new inner pipe lining is a long special fabric tube that has been wet out or saturated with a resin that hardens by itself within 2-4 hours. The new Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner only reduces the pipe diameter by about 5%, so flow is not affected, and the pipe lining material has a 100-year engineered life and typically comes with a 50 year warranty.

How Is Sewer Pipe Lining Installed?

Mixed Resin Being Poured Into Fabric Tube For Saturation

First the sewer pipe is cleaned with a high pressure water jetter that removes all roots and sludge and a sewer pipe video inspection is made to determine the length of pipe that has to be relined. Then a long special fabric tube is cut to the correct length and the self hardening part A and part B epoxy resins are mixed and used to completely saturate the Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner.

Heavy Roller Forces Resin Through Liner For Complete Saturation

The fabric tube is then either pulled into the broken pipe or air pressure is used to shoot the liner into the pipe (see video below). Then the fabric tube is inflated with air for 2-4 hours while the resin hardens.

New Inner Sewer Pipe Lining

After the new liner is fully cured, a final pipe video inspection is made for quality control.

How Strong Is The New Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner?

The final new inner pipe is designed for load-bearing pipes that are located under roads, railways and building footers. If, for example, a section of clay or cast iron sewer pipe is missing, the new inner lining is designed to be a stand-alone pipe. The video on the right side of this page (VIOLENTLY) demonstrates the strength of sewer pipe lining – check it out.

Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner is the modern alternative to pipe replacement!

  • In fact, pipe lining IS pipe replacement
  • The new lining that is installed inside the old pipe is as strong as new pipe
  • Has a 50-year warranty
  • Only reduces the internal diameter by 5%
  • Only takes 3 hours to install

Let’s not forget, since pipe lining requires no excavation, it is cleaner, less invasive and much faster than repiping the old-fashioned way.

Which Pipes Can Be ReLined?

Pipelining, also known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) is used for clay pipe replacement, cast iron pipe repair, HVAC pipe repair, storm drain replacement, golf-course overflow drainage pipes, drinking water lines, and sewer pipelining of sanitary sewer pipe.

Does The Whole Pipe Have To Be Lined?

No, especially for clay pipes, only the cracked pipe or root intrusion area is relined. This “sectional repair” is also called a “point repair” and costs a fraction of what relining the whole pipe would cost.

But usually cast iron pipes in residential dwellings and apartments are all of the same age and have experienced the same corrosive environmental conditions, so when one portion of the sewage pipe starts leaking of backing up, usually the rest of the cast iron pipe has to be lined too.

What Type Of Warranty Comes With The Residential Sewer Drain Pipe Liner?

Sewer pipe lining comes with a 50-year materials and labor warranty.

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