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How Much Does Sewer Drain Pipe Lining Cost?

Residential House Pipe Lining Cost Comparison To Excavation

50′ Pipe Lining


50′ Excavation

Materials & Labor  $ 6,750 Jackhammer  $   2,500
Time 1.5 Days Dig up sand  $   2,000
Cut out old pipe  $   1,000
Replace pipe  $   1,500
Replace sand  $      500
Re-pour concrete  $   2,200
New tile/carpet  $   4,500
2 weeks hotel  $   1,400
Clean house  $      500
 $ 16,100
Time 2 weeks

Here are the factors affecting drain pipe lining cost:

  • pipe diameter: 3″ pipe uses less material and resin and the liner can be installed using less expensive technology than larger liners
  • pipe condition: does it require a lot or little cleaning?
  • pipe access: does an access hole have to be dug in order to reach the pipe, or is the pipe on a rooftop, will traffic control be required to reach the pipe inside a manhole?
  • size of project: the shorter the pipe that is to be lined, the more it costs per ft. So 50′ of 3″ pipe under a house might run $140 per foot, but 3000′ of pipe in a high rise condominium might run $125 per foot.

Minimum Rates Apply For Sewer Drain Pipe Lining Cost

The equipment required for pipe lining is patented and thus very expensive, typically $150,000 for the basic package. Add to that pipe inspection cameras, say another $30,000, plus pipe cleaning jetters, another $60,000, it takes a lot of assets to line even the smallest length of pipe. As a result there are minimums that apply to Sewer Drain Pipe Lining Cost, typically $5,000-$10,000, even for just 20′ of pipe lining!

Sample Price Ranges For Sewer Drain Pipe Lining Cost

Small pipes 2″-6″: Up to 100′, $100-$200 per foot. Over 100′, $60-$100 per foot.

Large pipes 8″-48″: Up to 100′, $500-$2000 per foot. Over 100′, $60-$800 per foot.

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