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Fort Lauderdale Trenchless Sewer Repair Company Announces 1MM Feet Pipe Lining Installed – By Hugo Forster

Recently trenchless pipe lining in Fort Lauderdale announced a new milestone for underground drain relining under slabs and in the walls of high-rise condominiums. The technology installs a brand new pipe lining material inside of old leaking drains which or cast iron sewer pipes that are experiencing repeated back-ups because the floor of the cast iron is cracked or completely corroded and missing. The installation only takes 4 hours and comes with a 50 year warranty. Most homeowners have never heard of trenchless pipe lining so this article serves to describe how the process works. So here are the steps to restoring underground pipes in Fort Lauderdale.

How Does Fort Lauderdale Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

First the pipes are video inspected to determine the length of pipe lining material that has to be cut to the correct size. Next the material is impregnated with a 100 percent epoxy resin which has an exothermic reaction that heats up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This process hardens the epoxy into a rock hard new inner pipe lining that lasts up to 100 years. The pipe lining “sleeve” is impregnated with this epoxy and then it is pulled into the pipe to the correct point and an internal temporary bladder or balloon is inflated for 4 hours while the lining material: hardens.

After 4 hours the balloon is removed and the new Fort Lauderdale pipe lining installation is inspected with a video camera to ensure installation accuracy. Finally a new clean-out is installed outside the home or condominium and the pipes are put back into service immediately. So old fashioned pipe excavation which is normally a two week process and is very messy and requires hotel accommodation for the tenants, is avoided. The entire pipe relining process in Fort Lauderdale costs about half as much as excavation.

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