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Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Relining Videos – By Hugo Forster

May 15, 2014 by  
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Here Are Some Recent Re-lined Cast Iron Sewer Pipes – Before and After Pipe Relining

Ever wonder what the cast iron drains will look like before hydro-jetting, before de-scaling and after pipe lining? Check out these videos:

Important Things To Notice In These Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Re-Lining Videos

  • Most cast iron pipes have a crack in the pipe floor or the crack has widened so the floor is missing. The edges of the remaining cast iron sewer pipe catches on debris, causing repeated backups
  • The cast iron sewer pipes that need re-lining are very rough sometimes. That is scale, and takes more than a hydro-jetter to remove. We have special de-scaling tools for this purpose
  • The pipe lining once installed is really smooth and slippery. No more debris can get stuck and cause backups.
  • Wherever incoming pipes connections exist, the sewer pipe relining material stops and starts without covering connections.
  • The ends of the pipe relining are very flat against the old pipe, so nothing can get stuck.
  • Some cast iron pipe relining is smoother than others, depending on how well the scale was able to be removed. But the new lining is always very slippery preventing backups
  • Even when cast iron pipe floors were missing, that defect was no longer visible after relining.

Here Is A Great Web Site Explaining Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Lining In Detail


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