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Tampa trenchless pipe lining company announces 1 million feet of sewer drain pipe relining installed – By Hugo Forster

April 23, 2014 by  
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A drain rehabilitation company in Tampa announced recently a new milestone in the total amount of sewer drain pipe that has been restored using underground pipe lining technology called cured in place pipe lining. The process takes only 4 hours and installs a new one hundred year pipe lining inside the old sewer drains in Tampa.  It is fast, clean and prevents excavation for pipe replacement. It is costs half as much as traditional digging and excavation methods. So here is how the process works:

How Is Tampa Trenchless Pipe Lining Installed?

First of all the sewer drain is inspected but with a video camera. Next the pipe is cleaned with a hydro-jetter or drain cleaning auger to remover old scale, rust and sand. Then the correct length of pipe liner is cut to size and a special self hardening epoxy is saturated into the inside of the liner. The epoxy will undergo an exothermic reaction in about 30 minutes which turns it into rock!

Next the liner is pulled into the pipe and an internal bladder is inflated to about 15psi, for 4 hours. Then the bladder is removed and a final video inspection is performed to ensure installation was correct.

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