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Sarasota trenchless drain pipe lining company announces 1MM feet of sewer pipe restoration – By Hugo Forster

April 23, 2014 by  
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Recently  a pipe lining company in Sarasota, reached a new milestone in underground sewer drain pipe relining. The process which installs a new 100 year pipe lining in sewer drains underneath slabs and in the walls of high rise condos, only takes 4 hours. It costs about half as much as excavation, but it is unknown to most homeowners and high-rise condo tenants. This brief article explains how the process works.

So How Does Sarasota Trenchless Drain Pipe Lining Work?

First the pipe is cleaned using a high pressure water hydrojet or a k60 drain auger machine. All of the rust, sand and scale is removed to restore the pipe to its original internal diameter. Next the correct length of pipe relining material, which is similar to a long white sock, is impregnated or saturated with a self hardening 100% solids epoxy resin. In 4 hours the epoxy will turn into rock, but before this can happen, pipe lining material is pulled into the sewer drain that is going to be restored.

Next an internal balloon or bladder is inflated inside the pipe lining material and after 4 hours the balloon is removed and a video is prepared to install insure installation accuracy. All the installation was performed from outside and then the pipe was put back into service immediately. Had excavation been performed the old fashion way to replace the sewer drains, the process would have taken about 2 weeks and cost about twice as much, and the tenants would have had to stay in hotels and paid for their accommodation as well.

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