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Fort Myers trenchless sewer repair company announces 1 million foot of drain rehabilitation using pipe lining – By Hugo Forster

April 23, 2014 by  
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Recently Trenchless Pipe Lining LLC, a company in Naples achieved a new milestone of sewer drain rehabilitation and vertical rain drain pipe lining and sewer stack pipe lining in Naples and Fort Myers. Most homeowners and condominium tenants have never heard of underground drain pipe lining and condominium associations often go through the expense and hassle of physical pipe excavation and replacement in walls because they are not informed about cured in place pipe lining which only takes 4 hours to install and lasts 100 years.

So How Does Fort Myers Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

First the vertical rain drain or underground sewer pipe is video inspected to determine the length of the pipe lining material that has to be installed. Then a hydro jetting machine is used to remove the rust and scale from inside the pipe. Sometimes the sewer pipe has to be cleaned using a K60 sectional cable machine which will remove accumulated scale to restore the sewer pipe to its original diameter.

Next the pipe lining material is cut to length and is impregnated with a 100 percent solids epoxy resin which is exothermic and heats up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit within 4 hours. This process will harden the epoxy in the pipe lining fabric. Before that process occurs the pipe lining material is pulled into the pipe to the correct placement. Next an internal balloon called a “calibration tube” is inflated to push a pipe lining material against the wall during the resin hardening process.

After 4 Hours the calibration tube is removed and the newly lined pipe is video inspected to ensure installation accuracy. Finally a new clean out is installed outside the building from where all the work was performed. In one day a pipe is rehabilitated for 100 years as opposed to excavating the pipe which would take 2 weeks and cost twice as much.

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