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Clogged Sewer Main Line Causes & Solutions

February 4, 2014 by  
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What Causes A Sewer Main Line To Get Backed Up/Clogged Repeatedly?

Most of the time sewer main lines, which is the central pipe under a building or house that all the other pipes connect to, gets clogged because it is made of old cast iron that has rusted out the bottom of the pipe. The resulting sharp edges of the sewer main catches on debris causing repeated backups.

Roots Can Cause A Sewer Main Line To Get Backed Up

Less frequently, roots will grow into the pipe through the rusted floor in search of delicious water! Especially during dry months of the year. Every time the plumber comes to unclog the blocked sewer main line he punches a small temporary hole into the line, which just gets blocked later again as the roots grow back.

Don’t Excavate Your Floors Or Walls!

Have you been told by a plumber that your old pipes underground have to be dug up and replaced? Then you need to know that Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining Repair is the fastest and least expensive way to replace sewer drains underground permanently without digging. It only takes 4 hours and has a 50-year warranty.

Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining Repair – How It Works

First the old pipe is jet-cleaned to remove old scale and rust. Then a sewer pipe video inspection is done to determine how long the pipe is that has to be re-lined. Next the pipe re-lining material is cut to the right size and a special self-heating epoxy resin is rolled through the liner to wet it thoroughly. The liner also contains an “inner balloon”, which is inflated once the liner has been pulled into the old pipe. After 4 hours of curing time the balloon is removed and a video inspection is done to confirm the new inner pipe is smooth and hard.

How Much Does Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining Repair Cost?

Usually for residential applications it will run $100-$150 per linear foot, which is about half the cost of excavation, pipe replacement, concrete restoration and tile replacement. The average 3 bed 2 bath house has a main line of about 40′, so the total pipe lining cost is $4000-$6000, and it only takes one day to install!

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