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Miami Cured In Place Pipe Company Restores Sewer and Rain Drains For 100 Years!

January 28, 2014 by  
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Most property owners in Miami are unaware that their sewer lines and condominium rain drains can be replaced without excavation by using Miami cured in place pipe lining. The process involves installing a new inner pipe inside the old pipe that only reduces internal diameter by about 6%, but stops all leaks and backups from rough cast iron pipe surfaces, missing pipe floors, roots in pipe, and pipe cracks.

Miami Cured In Place Pipe (Miami CIPP) Only Takes 4 Hours!

Yes the process is quite simple. First the pipe is cleaned with high-pressure water. Then a video inspection is performed to determine the length of Miami cured in place pipe lining required (CIPP) and where all the pipe connections are, so that they are not covered up during the Miami CIPP installation.

Here Is A Video Explaining Costs and Installation Of Miami Cured In Place Pipe Lining

Miami CIPP Is Faster, Cleaner & Less Expensive

With trenchless pipe lining high rise tenants can stay in their condos, offices can continue operating, 24-hour production facilities can schedule brief downtimes, residents in homes do not need to move out, and there is no cleanup after the pipe relining. The pipe rehabilitation takes hours not weeks, and costs a fraction of the expense of pipe replacement.

Rock Hard, Tough Pipe Lining Materials

Some of our pipe lining materials have an engineered life of 100 years! Depending on the type of pipe being restored, the pipe lining materials are approved by the EPA, NSF and a host of other regulatory bodies. These agencies require that the manufacturers have their pipe lining materials tested by an independent engineering firm to verify that quality standards are maintained. So our warranties are up to 50 years in duration.


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