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Vertical Rain Drain And Sewer Stack Pipe Lining Specialist Sets World Record For Vertical Air Inversion

Background – Trenchless Rain Drain Pipe Lining Required In Historic High Rise Building

Leaking Rain Drains Flood Condos

Leaking Rain Drains Flood Condos

Triton Towers, located on the glamorous South Beach in Miami, FL, had a very unique problem. Their 5 x 160′ long vertical rain drains were leaking, but excavation to replace them was not an option because they were embedded in solid concrete block walls covered in marble and hand-painted frescoes. They were interested in trenchless pipe repair, and contacted Trenchless Pipe Lining which speciallizes in vertical pipe restoration throughout the US.

Reasons Why Other Pipe Lining Companies Said It Could Not Be Done…

  1. 160′ of 6″ pipe lining material weighs about 250 lbs, and would fall into the pipe after air inversion from the rooftop, before there was time to insert the inflation bladder to hold the liner to the pipe wall for the curing time
  2. 160′ of lining would take too long to saturate with the resin before the sun would accelerate the hardening process of the resin, leaving no time for installation
  3. there were 2 x 90-degree bends in the bottom of the pipe and one at the rooftop, plus the bottom floor hallway walls covered in marble could not be excavated to pull the liner into the pipe from the roof
  4. since so much working time was required prior to installation, the possibility of rain prior or during installation was a risk other pipe lining companies were not willing to take
Condominium pipe relining - preparing the "liner"

Condominium pipe relining – preparing the “liner”

We Installed 5 x 160′ Six Inch Roof Drain Pipe Liners In Two Days..

  1. We installed 5 x 160′ pipe liners at night, sometimes in the rain, in the dark in the middle of the night.
  2. Installation was all done from the rooftop by air inversion lining, using only the rooftop as the access point.
  3. The lining went around all the bends.

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