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How Do Pipe Lining Connections Stay Open?

August 18, 2013 by  
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There are two ways to deal with pipe connections:

The most common way to leave pipe lining connections open:

Cut the lining out that would cover the connections, prior to installing the lining. This is how it is done 99% of the time, because the lining extends into the cast iron connection fitting which is 2x as thick and lasts much longer than the pipe being lined. Here’s a diagram and a video of one we did on Friday.

Cast iron wye pipe lininbg overlap diagram

The second way do deal with pipe lining connections:

This is done much less frequently, is to line the entire pipe, then send a robotic cutter into the pipe to cut open the covered connections.This is much more time consuming, costs 50%-100% more to do the job, and has limitations (the pipe diameter has to be 4″ or larger for the robotic cutter to fit inside – at least 50% of all homes have 3″ diameter pipes. The robotic cutter can only travel in straight lines, so additional floor excavation may be required…which is what we are trying to avoid!) Check out the last video on our website here to see it in action here..
PS: we can do both depending on actual plumbing layout.

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