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Epoxy Pipe Lining Reviews & Problems

July 26, 2013 by  
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Epoxy Pipe Lining Reviews & Problems

Epoxy pipe lining is a coating of food-grade epoxy prayed onto the inner surface of a pipe. If the pipe s not cleaned properly, oxidation deposits will prevent proper adherence. Leaks will remain in the pipe. To ensure this has not occurred, the pipes are pressure tested to see if they hold constant pressure.

Another problem with epoxy pipe lining is that all valves have to be replaced since they are coated too! That leads to a third problem – time! Epoxy pipe lining is very time consuming. A house could take a week, a condo could take months!

Having said that, the process saves tenants a lot of money and hassle, all over the world all the time…

Sewer Pipe Lining Reviews & Problems

Sewer pipe lining reviews are better because the process is older, faster and occurs in larger diameter pipes. Generally speaking, the larger the pipe, the easier the restoration. But sewer pipe lining does have its problems.

Although the pipe is only out of service for 1-4 hours during the pipe lining process, the sewage has to be bypassed if here is flow. This could mean traffic control etc. On residential pipe lining obs, the water to the home is shut off for a few hours, no bypassing required.

The upsides and positive reviews for sewer pipe lining are numerous: no destruction of floors, no mess to clean, new pipes in hours not days, no need to vacate property and stay in hotels, etc.



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